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‘Heart Smart 2 Bigger, Better – This Time Together’

After the success of the original Heart Smart Project back in 2013, Jigsaw has successfully received further funding from Heart Research UK to run another Healthy Heart project. This time we are ‘doing it together’, our Jigsaw members were fantastic in getting involved in the original Heart Smart project so now we want members to encourage all their family to get involved as well – Parents, Carers, Support Workers, Brothers, Sisters, Aunties, Uncle, Cousins and Grandparents!

The new project  has lots of fun, friendly, interactive activities including; Health Hearts Dual Sessions(healthy eating information following by a fun physical activity circuit session), Family Cookery Sessions, Family Sports Sessions and Healthy Living Information Classes.

Plus as a reward for participating in this project 5 people will be selected to receive a FREE9 month Bury Leisure Gym Membership!

Look out for upcoming activities – we will see you there!

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