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GO FAR Project (Great Opportunities to Feel Active & Re-energised)

The GO FAR project will support and expand the current programmes designed to help local disabled people to become more independent with a ‘Making the most of Me’ programme for 16-30 year olds, giving them skills in assertiveness, independent living, money management, personal hygiene and dignity, safety and healthy living. Improve self-esteem with ‘feel good workshops’ in laughter, yoga and compliment sessions. Help to lead a healthier lifestyle by offering an exercise programme for 16-30s including swimming, aerobics and gym sessions plus a focus on healthy eating with 24 sessions each year; including shopping, cooking and awareness sessions. This will also include celebrating different cultural dishes and see the creation of a Jigsaw cookbook with recipes from participants.

Furthermore the project will aim to overcome social isolation by offering an older people’s active living programme, luncheon club and befriending scheme, plus visits to other community provisions, local places of interest and sessions on dealing with anxiety, relaxation and exercise, plus inter-generational skills sharing – boccia, knitting, creative arts – and sharing experiences. The project will also feature a new volunteer development programme, to recruit, train and support volunteers for one-to-one, phone support and group activities. Particular focus will be placed on recruiting disabled volunteers. For more information please see Training Course Overview attached.

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